Rights Movements

The Chicano Movement, also known as the Chicano Civil Rights Movement, Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement and El Movimiento, was the part of the American Civil Rights Movement that sought political empowerment and social inclusion for Mexican-Americans around a generally nationalist argument. The Chicano Movement started  in the 1960s and was active through the late 1970s in various regions of the U.S. The movement had roots in the civil rights struggles that had preceded it, adding to it the cultural and generational politics of the era. The early heroes of the movement Rodolfo Gonzales in Denver, Colorado and Reies Tijernia in New Mexico—adopted a historical account of the preceding hundred and twenty-five years that had obscured much of Mexican-American history. Gonzales and Tijerina embraced a nationalism that identified the failure of the United States government to live up to its promises in the Treaty of Guadalupe. In that account, Mexican-Americans were a conquered people who simply needed to reclaim their birthright and cultural heritage as part of a new nation, which later became known as Aztlan .

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Physician-Assisted Suicide

I believe that physician-assisted suicide is permissable because we dont have the rite to tell someone what to do, especially when they are dying and are in a great deal of pain. There are many patients who are in pain and know that no matter what they do they will dye at the end, for those patients physician-assisted suicide is a better choice then to just be in a bed laying there months, or years in pain waiting to die. At least this way they have a say in when they are going to die instead of waiting for death to come to them.

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Case Studies in Medical Ethics

You have a patient who is in need of a new liver and has been on the transplant list for several months and in those past month you have made a good friendship with him. His name finally comes up for the transplant. The day before the transplant you find out he has been drinking alcohol and knowing that he is uneligable for the transplant. As a physician do you stop the surgery because he broke the rules or do you forget what you have learned about him because he his your friend.

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Moral Reasoning

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